Surfin Bear – Bearstrumentals Vol 1


Surfin Bear – Bearstrumentals Vol 1

New to BurghRecords we welcome Surfin’ Bear.

Heavily influenced by early funk and other American boom bap producers, Surfy B also takes great influence from other Edinburgh producers who prove that you don’t need to be from a certain place to make a certain type of music, you just have to be a fan. That’s how it all starts. Edinburgh born and raised (although now living in Montreal) Bearstrumentals vol 1 was made in Motionless Mama Bears spare room. The Album came out of frustration that most of the best samples have already been taken.

So why not make your own? Cry babies, spring kings and copy cat tape delays were all used as well as a vintage tube amp to create guitar parts that would please Surfin’ Bear into a great sense of achievement but annoy neighbours and parents at the same time. Not to mention trumpet parts that took forever to get right. The only samples in this 10 track album that you will here are the individual drum hits that were then bashed back in on a drum pad. Although had Surfy B had his way. He would have used a real drummer. Potentially something for volume 2?”

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