DJ Sonny – Out Of Nowhere

DJ Sonny - Out Of Nowhere

DJ Sonny – Out Of Nowhere. Turntablist / Producer from Scotland, Releases his 24th album. A collection of alternative instrumental hip hop beats.

DJ Sonny productions cover a cross section of swing, jazz, to create a unique blend of abstract hip hop beats, a sound which typified the BurghRecords label. Much of Sonny’s work is instrumental, though his records include collaborations with other artists who provide vocals.

Out Of Nowhere Released by BurghRecord.

Track list :

1. Mariachi Escocés
2. Angelic Thoughts
3. Sungod Return
4. Word
5. Aloha
6. Cludo
7. Dee Dee
8. Quest for the Underground
9. My Walnut
10. Other Wise
11. In a Dream State
12. Trees of the Ancients
13. Far Away
14. Back Then
15. Summers Here
16. Royal Chillout
17. Get on Down



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