How To Download From Our Website

How To Download From Our Website.

A number of people have been requesting me to upload a video showing them how to download from our website and where to find the sample packs & vst’s once they have downloaded them.

Here are a few steps that will help guide you:

  • One the top right corner of the website click login
  • On the left of that, it says register. Fill in your email address.
  • Once you have filled in your email address you are now able to start downloading the products, which start downloading automatically once you click on the download link.
  • They are also in your new account which is automatically made when you download your first item. You should make a password for this account as it stores all your download so you can keep returning downloading them.


If you still have problems please feel free to email me and i will be happy further assist you as i enjoy people having fun use the packs & plug-ins. As that’s the whole purpose of the site, to enjoy making music.

Here are some frequently asked questions people have asked. FAQ

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