Thank You

Thank You

Just wanted to say thank you, everyone for supporting us over the years, and all the new subscribers who have joined and downloaded our sample packs, vst’s and instrumentals this year. I have lots of new sounds and VST’s for 2018, so I look forward to uploading them all. Next year im going to be expanding the label, so if you would like to release some sample packs, music or any other creative thing on the website I would love for other people to be involved in expanding BurghRecords and start collaborating with other websites and labels.

Please feel free to contact me at:

I started burghrecords in 2008, because I kept on losing all my music and drum samples from my pc, so I started uploading them so that I could always download them again. Every year I try to develop the website and make better sounds for people to download and have fun making music with them.

Life can be pretty stressful at times, so it’s nice to have a creative outlet when it does. Making a beat relaxes me and I find great joy when I’m doing it, it has been therapeutic to me in my academic life as I am dyslexic. University was sometimes very stressful and left me filled with anxiety,  but after making some music it always made me feel calmer & relaxed and enabled me to focus better. So hopefully it helps others do the same, that is why I enjoy doing this website and it makes it all worthwhile when other people get enjoyment from the sounds.

Big up to you all & have a good Christmas and new year.



P.S here is my yearly Christmas beat :D

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