About Us

EdinburghRecords is a independent record label that operates without the funding of outside major record labels.

Founded in 2008 by Edinburgh-based DJ/Producer (DJ Sonny) as a means of releasing his and friends music.

it’s beginnings at Napier University Business School, BurghRecords  has grown into a multi generational, international powerhouse in Edinburgh music scene.
With regular free music releases, events, festivals, DJ work shops, production sample packs, videos & digital radio station Phat Noise F.M.

At are studio RVS we compose, arrange and produce music and sound design, and have vast experience in working with Advertising Agencies, Brands, Film Companies, TV Companies and Radio Stations from all over the world. We compose all styles of music for documentary’s, artistes, radio, tv & film scores.

We have a team of composers. They work both individually and together, responding to briefs quickly, giving clients a master quality selection of demos that answer the brief and also where necessary, present alternative routes.

Our production offices and recording studio are located within BurghRecords in the heart of Edinburgh, Central Scotland.