MPC 60 Drums

MPC 60 Drums

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From BurghRecords Classic Analog Series
MPC60 Drum packs. It includes: Layered Drums, Vinyl Drums, Various Drum Machines, FX and even some synth sounds. All sampled on the MPC60



Free MPC 60 Drum Samples

The MPC 60 is a 16 voice polyphonic, 12-bit, 40kHz, drum sampler. Designed by Roger Linn for Akai.  It was produced in 1988 and retailed for about $5000 usd.  This drum machine has earned legendary status as a beat making tool.  It’s sound is often described as punchy and warm… and it’s swing quantise is incredibly funky and much loved by Hip Hop producers.

BurghRecords Classic Analog Series in this sample pack:

  • Hi Hats
  • Snares
  • Kicks
  • Fx


The Akai MPC60 (“MIDI Production Center 60″) is an electronic musical instrument produced in 1988, by the Japanese company Akai in collaboration with designer Roger Linn.[1]

It combined MIDI sequencing and audio sampling with a set of velocity/aftertouch-sensitive performance pads, to produce an instrument optimized for use as a drum machine. The MPC60 enjoyed great popularity, particularly among musicians producing Hip Hop and similar styles.


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