About BurghRecords

BurghRecords (also known as edinburghrecords ) is an independent music label based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Created in 2008 by DJ Sonny, It releases contemporary music tracks, publishes sound editing samples & audio software plugins designed for first-time entry-level users. Its key aspiration is to enhance creativity for young people who are afflicted with varying degrees of learning difficulties such as dyslexia & social anxiety using music as a creative outlet. It does this by providing the tools to encourage and develop new self-managed progression routes for the creation and making of music.

Our sound effects and sound design are used in all media formats. We produce and design sound effects and samples pack for music producers, film and video productions, TV and radio programs, animations, iPhone and iPad apps, podcasts, computer and video games, live performances, stage plays, new media and multimedia projects. Headquarters in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, we attract clients from all over the world.

At our website, you will find free high-quality VST plugin software, instrumental music, sound effects recorded and designed by us. We have recorded, designed and produced these sound effects over the years and decided to make them available online for people to download and use for free. Our sounds are professionally recorded and produced by our recordists and sound designers from Edinburgh. All our sound effects and sample packs are recorded with love, carefully edited and mastered to be clean and crisp without any unwanted noise or interference.

BurghRecords owns the copyrights to all the sound effects on this website and you can safely to use them in your projects. Just remember to read the License Agreement. It tells you what you can and cannot do with our sound effects.

Feel free to send an email anytime at contact@edinburghrecords.com

We hope you enjoy our sounds, samples & plugins as much as we enjoy recording and making them!


Design of the products

Every product is designed from my own developmental experiences and put together in a way that was conducive to my development. This will ensure the easiest most enjoyable experiences for any user.

Our Version

To widen access to the creative industries and advance the development of a creative outlet for people with varying degrees of learning difficulty in terms of social anxiety and self-confidence issues.

History of Beginning

The architype of the business paradigm came from my own personal experience growing up with dyslexia and finding a creative outlet that help me in my academic and social life by learning how to create my own music.


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on EtroStore.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins from the burgh.

Faster Delivery

All downloads come as a zip files, simply extract the files and start making music.