welcome to BurghRecords

We are a Scottish based sound design record label based in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland. It functions as an online store to release and publish sample packs, VST plugins & instrumental music for music producers & artists. Its key aspiration is to enhance creativity for young people with varying degrees of learning difficulty’s and encourage them to start making music. Music making is a fantastic creative outlet that helps enhance creative thought, mind-set and improves personnel well being. We produce sample packs to help entry level music makers start producing music, the integration of our music technology software, PhatNoise vst plugins designed for first time entry level users and have a simplistic and intuitive GUI this allows the user to enhance their creative outlet that would otherwise not be there. We also release instrumental music that people are free to use & host a weekly live mix on youtube called the burghlounge where we play relaxed study music from unsigned & established artiest, producers and beat makers.

Design of the products

Every product is designed from my own developmental experiences and put together in a way that was conducive to my development. This will ensure the easiest most enjoyable experiences for any user.

Our Version

To widen access to the creative industries and advance the development of a creative outlet for young people and adults with varying degrees of learning difficulty in terms of social anxiety and self-confidence issues by making their own music.

History of Beginning

The architype of the business paradigm came from my own personal experience growing up with dyslexia and finding a creative outlet that help me in my academic and social life by learning how to create my own music.


Each product item is carefully checked before appearing on EtroStore.


All these products are under the brand reputation, with clear origins from the burgh.

Faster Delivery

All downloads come as a zip files, simply extract the files and start making music.